The Kusuma Trust UK believes that every child and young person has the potential to transform and improve their life, and should have opportunities to grow and develop as active and productive citizens in their communities.


Our mission is to facilitate and increase access to quality education and other life opportunities for young people, with a focus on the most disadvantaged. The Trust enables young people to realise their potential and break the inter-generational cycle of poverty.

Strategic Priorities

Education is central to our strategy. We also support innovation, new developments in education, community projects, research and advocacy.


Our focus is to improve education outcomes for young people in secondary and higher education. We address major obstacles in education for motivated young people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. Our grants contribute to a range of outcomes, including improvements in student attainment, teaching quality, school governance, community engagement, and an increased number of young people completing secondary and higher education and gaining employment.

Our priority interventions focus on school governance and leadership, teacher professional development, community involvement, scholarships, career development for young people and widening access to educational opportunities.

Research and Advocacy

Research with a focus on baseline and outcome measures is an integral part of our work. This is reinforced with qualitative research to understand the impact on beneficiaries, including multiplier effects and unintended outcomes that are as important as the intended outcomes. We also support research to better understand the obstacles in education. Evidence generated from research is used to shape our grant making, and influence the practices and policies of implementers, other donors, government and policy bodies.

Geographic Focus

In India, we concentrate our efforts in two States – Odisha and Uttar Pradesh – with a focus on two districts (Sambalpur and Hardoi) that are among the lowest performing in these States. We also support selected initiatives at national level and with national policy relevance.

In the UK, geographic locations are selected based on indicators of significant economic and other deprivation. This includes coalfield, mining and industrial communities in decline. We also support selected community initiatives. 

In Gibraltar, we support education projects, community initiatives and charities that enhance life in the country.