We support selected community projects in London that make a difference to people in our local community. We value the difference that these charities can make to the community and support them through community grants. 

The Royal Parks Foundation Bring to Life programme aims to enhance the way children connect with nature and the outdoors. We are supporting the programme by providing opportunities for 300 students from non-fee paying schools to participate in educational activities.  

We have partnered with the Children of St Mary’s Intensive Care Charitable Trust to support the modernisation and expansion of the children’s intensive Care unit from 8 to 15 beds. We are contributing to two long stay isolation rooms that will allow parents to spend quality time with their children, protect in patients who have low immune systems from outside allergies, and allow the patients to feel as comfortable as possible.  

The Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital Charity aims to support hospitals with raising funds for programmes and equipment that lie outside of the funding from the NHS. We are supporting the charity to purchase equipment that will save lives by ensuring people have access to testing and treatment for inherited heart conditions. Our support will allow the hospital to double the number of tests run over the next two years. 

Past programmes include:
– Science kits and workshops for schools
– ICT homework clubs 
– Programmes to address negative behaviour in schools such as bullying