The Pathways to STEM programme supports 300 talented low and middle-income State school students to access selective STEM university courses. Research has identified a strong demand for skills in STEM areas, excellent and growing career prospects and a significant under-representation of those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our funding provides students with the foundation for a STEM career. The programme includes sessions for students, parents and teachers, including tailored education and careers advice, classes in STEM subjects, residential summer schools and work experience placements in relevant STEM settings. Each student is also assigned a mentor. The programme is delivered in partnership with The Sutton Trust and the universities of Nottingham and York, which draw students from coalfield community schools.

Kusuma Sutton Scholars is an initiative to motivate and support bright students (age 11-16) to boost their aspirations and academic performance. This ensures there is a bigger pool of talented low and middle-income students from which leading universities can recruit. The programme supports students through a series of school visits, project days, campus visits and academic guidance provided by university community learning hubs. Students receive advice on their GCSE options and further education choices. The programme works with 600 students from schools in coalfield communities. Our aim is for the programme to create a pipeline of young people to feed into sixth form university programmes, including the summer schools and pathways to university initiatives. This programme is delivered in partnership with The Sutton Trust.