We partner with organisations in India, the UK and Gibraltar to improve the quality of education and deliver results that influence policy makers and make a lasting difference.

We seek to understand problems in education to identify what changes could deliver better outcomes for young people. Then we consider where and how we can make a meaningful difference with our grants and influence wider change using evidence from our work. When we commit funding to a programme, we define the outcomes we seek and invest in evaluating the work we fund.

We believe that the challenges in education are complex and require a dynamic approach, working in collaboration with grantees and other partners to identify solutions. Our efforts also depend on working closely with governments, local organisations, communities and individuals. We share the results of our work, reflect on lessons learned and make changes where required.

In each of our geographic areas, we collaborate with grantees and partners to develop proposals that align with our strategic priorities.  We welcome ideas that could help us make a lasting difference.  We may directly solicit a concept note from organisations or we may invite organisations to explore their interest and capacity to develop an idea with us. We may issue a request for proposals for some of our grants. This starts with a concept note, which is reviewed before requesting a proposal based on guidelines and templates we provide. We assess prospective grantees’ status, capacity and expertise.  We then sign a grant deed that includes the proposal, budget, milestones, payment schedule and reporting requirements.

During the life of each grant, we keep in close contact with the partner to understand progress and challenges. We work with partners to define the results we hope to achieve, and agree key metrics to measure progress and outcomes.  We also fund research to learn about what is working and what isn’t.  We evaluate our work to generate evidence to inform further funding, influence policy and promote adoption of our work by other donors and implementers.