Our Story

Our journey began in India where we were raised and enjoyed our early life. After our studies we then travelled around the world. We built and ran successful technology businesses, and started our own family. We spent years working in different places around the world and currently we’re living in London.

As global citizens we count ourselves lucky to have known neighbours and made friends from many different backgrounds. Despite such varied histories, we have seen the same shared values bring people closer together.

Today, as a philanthropic trust, we are able to give grants to causes, organisations and people that are making a positive difference to society. We choose partners based on our shared values and mutual interests – creating access to opportunities, improving health and well-being, and investing in our communities and environment.

Our hope for the Kusuma trust and the future is that we make a difference to the world around us, in whatever ways we can. And in doing so, we will pass on our values to the next generation, so that they can continue to engage in society around them.

Anurag and Soma