Latest updates
21 September 2023

Championing the ideas, experiences and talent of young people aged 18-24

We are once again partnering with the The Photographer’s Gallery with a grant of over £30,000 for their project 'Develop'.
20 September 2023

Turning unused spaces into community hubs for climate action

We are excited to give a grant of over £190,000 to Ashden Climate Solutions for their project - Sharing Spaces.
19 September 2023

Workshops, summer schools, and CPD for thousands of Londoners

We are thrilled to support of the London Transport Museum again by awarding them over £45,000 towards their 21st Century Skills project!
08 September 2023

Engaging young people from Stockwell in nature and the environment

A grant of just over £60,000 has been given to Oasis Children’s Venture for their Environmental Education Programme for Young People aged 10-16.
07 September 2023

Empowering parents and carers of children with SEND

We are thrilled to support children with SEND through a grant to Independent Provider of Special Education Advice (IPSEA).
06 September 2023

Public speaking to build confidence and a connection to London’s cultural sites.

Our grant to the Speakers Trust for their exciting project 'Culturally Speaking' aims to reach 2,400 young people over two years.