Latest updates
27 September 2022

Supporting the completion of a new home for dance in Wandsworth

We have partnered with the Royal Academy of Dance to build and fit-out of one of their new studios - The Kusuma Studio
21 September 2022

Summer Challenge builds skills for employment and further education

Earlier this year we supported CYE-CYL's 'Summer Challenge' for young people aged 16-20 in Gibraltar.
16 September 2022

Supporting new experiences for young people in Westminster

We are excited to award a grant of £25,000 to Avenues Youth Project to fund their Friday Seniors - Freestyle Fridays programme.
13 September 2022

Work begins on the ambitious Urban Nature Project

The exciting first steps in transforming a five-acre site at the Natural History Museum has now got underway.
09 September 2022

Turning an unused space into a vibrant home for flora and fauna

We are supporting Thames21 to rewild the riverbanks and floodplain of the River Rom in the Chase Local Nature Reserve.
06 September 2022

Exploring the movement of people to and from Britain

We have awarded the Migration Museum with a grant to increase the capacity of the Museum's learning programme.