Latest updates
26 May 2023

The Kusuma Gallery at the V&A is now officially open!

The Victoria and Albert Museum's newly redeveloped Photography Centre that we supported is now open to the public.
25 May 2023

Hands-on activities at the farm for thousands of visitors

Our grant to Freightliners City Farm will allow them to continue their important work with the community.
24 May 2023

Using the power of creative arts to bring students together

We are working again with Create (Arts) to support their project 'creative:connection'.
19 May 2023

Increasing patient safety through image-guided surgery

Our grant to Great Ormond Street Hospital will allow them to purchase two Medtronic Stealth Image Guidance Systems.
17 May 2023

Enhancing the hospital experience for young patients and their families

We have partnered with Imperial Health Charity to support their creation of a new Play and Therapy Room.
10 May 2023

Gardening opportunities and nutritional education in Camden

We have given a grant to Castlehaven Community Association for their food initiative - Edibeds.