In March 2021 we gave a grant of over £22,000 grant to Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity for their ‘FAST- Families And Schools Together’ project. The aim was to give intensive support to students with dyslexia in six London schools as well as their teachers and families.

Since the award of the grant, Helen Arkell has achieved some positive outcomes, with 30 children receiving one-to-one lessons to support the development of their literacy skills, 42 parents/carers attending dyslexia awareness sessions, and over 200 class teachers and teaching assistants receiving dyslexia training.

As a result of their project…
* Students “spelling age”, on average, made 11 months progress over a 3-month period
* For spelling, on average, the children made over 6 standard points of progress
* For reading accuracy, on average, the children made 9.5 points of progress
* One child improved their reading comprehension by 28 points of progress
* One child improved their reading speed by 16 points
* One child improved their spelling age by 24 months

We are delighted that the “FAST” project has been so successful and made such an impact on these children’s lives. You can read more details about this grant here.