Above image: Jessie Burton awarding first prize to Katie – Photograph by Hydar Dewachi

We were delighted to attend the National Gallery’s 2024 Articulation final held at the end of March. We have supported this programme with 2 separate grants totalling over £350,000.

The programme gives 16-19 year olds the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills through a series of activities aiming to develop critical visual analysis and speaking skills around the topic of art. Ten young finalists, from around the UK, came together to present and speak about their chosen piece of art to hundreds in the audience, adjudicated by author Jessie Burton. The finalists chose a range of sculptures, paintings and installations that covered a myriad of challenging topics. We would like to congratulate the winner, Katie, who chose to speak about Yayoi Kusama’s, Infinity Mirror Room (Phalli’s Field).

We have partnered with the National Gallery twice to fund Articulation, you can read more about these grants here.