We have awarded a grant of over £24,500 to Buglife (‘The Invertebrate Conservation Trust’)  to help them to set up urban habitats for pollinators as part of their B-Line programme. Addressing the decline of wildlife dependent on wildflower-rich environments, Buglife creates B-Lines or ‘insect pathways’ of wildflowers in public parks and back gardens; across green-roofs and green-walls; through countryside and towns. These wildflower ’stepping stones’ help pollinators to forage, navigate and survive in increasingly fragmented landscapes.

With our financial support Buglife will be able to test new designs for a ‘vertical meadow’ and install new ‘green lamp-posts’ to help bring a B-line through central London. We’re excited to see the outcomes of this new approach to blending the habitats of people and pollinators by introducing more greenery to our urban environment.