In March 2019 we gave a grant to Centre for London to support their research on new urban mobility in the capital. Through research the ambitious think tank hope to influence policymakers to think about how to efficiently build a better London in line with new environmental and social needs.

On 28 January, the Centre for London unveiled their research and recommendations at its launch event, inviting speakers from all walks of life to discuss the findings and implications of the report. The audience heard insights from Councillor Clare Coghill from the London Borough of Waltham Forest and Harbinder Birdi from Hawkins/Brown among other leading London developers, civil engineers and practitioners.

Centre for London’s report, entitled Building For A New Urban Mobility, focuses on the risk of new developments becoming obsolete as technology takes hold, emphasising the need for designers and developers to adopt a 21st century mind-set. You can read more about our partnership with Centre for London here and read their report here.