We are supporting Chiswick House & Gardens with a grant of over £23,000 for the delivery of the second phase of the ‘Meet Me at the Gates ‘project. In partnership with Cavendish Primary School they are aiming to improve the look and environmental credentials of the Corney Road Gate. 

Over 170 pupils at Cavendish Primary School and approximately 100 families will participate in the project, learning about biodiversity and how to prepare and plant trees and shrubs. Pupils will plant seedlings, shrubs, saplings, and semi-mature trees which will form the basis of a long-term sustainable planting plan. Plants will be selected as native species or for their effectiveness in carbon capture and visual interest.

We hope that by taking part, everyone will learn about plant science, habitats, and eco-systems through hands-on activity. The project will not only increase access to and deepen engagement with green spaces, but will also create a space co-developed by the local community, contributing to Chiswick House’s vision of being ‘for everyone every day’.