In early 2020, we gave two grants totalling £35,000 to City Harvest to help them tackle hunger and food waste in London. With our funding, some of which was used to cover the running costs of a new van, they have been able to expand their food deliveries to charities in Kensington and Chelsea as well as additional meals to charities supporting hungry Londoners during the covid pandemic.

In the last 6 months City Harvest has collected and distributed 1,405 tonnes of surplus food across the city. That’s 3.3 million meals, doubling what they had planned to distribute before lockdown was announced. In Kensington and Chelsea alone, 133 tonnes (313,000 meals) were delivered with many more to come over the next 5 months. City Harvest estimate that by diverting this quality food from landfill sites, they have prevented over 5,300 tons of greenhouse gas emissions so far this year.

We’re looking forward to seeing how City Harvest continue to contribute to improving London’s food redistribution.