We joined with the PJI Foundation to donate a professional coffee machine to Clubhouse Gibraltar as part of their newly renovated premises. The machine will be used as part of their Transitional Employment Placement initiative (TEP). The new coffee machine will be used to train Clubhouse members for TEP at the cafeteria at Ocean Views, the mental health facility run by the Gibraltar Health Authority and one of the few establishments in Gibraltar offering TEP placements.

Transitional Employment is a programme aimed at members returning to work in a local business or industry. It is specifically designed as a vocational rehabilitation programme where members can gain or re-gain the skills and confidence necessary to have a job while employed in a ‘real world’ position. The new venue was inaugurated by the Chief Minister on 23 January 2020.

Tania Aguilar, Deputy CEO of Clubhouse Gibraltar explained; “Clubhouse Gibraltar is a work- based program which provides hope and opportunities for people with a history of mental health problems. One of our work units is hospitality, where our members can get the skills, experience and confidence to work in this field. One of the items essential for training in our new industrial kitchen is a professional coffee machine. Thanks to the generosity of Kusuma Trust Gibraltar & the PJI Foundation we can now provide training to our members and help them gain experience for future jobs.”