In 2021 we awarded a grant to Create Arts to deliver creative “residencies” in five SEND schools in London exploring the theme of environment. Participants have enjoyed one-to-one sessions with professional artists, received support and encouragement to experiment with creative techniques, and develop new artistic skills in an inclusive, fun, and informal setting.

We are pleased to report Create Arts’ successes in delivering these bespoke and collaborative workshops. As a result of their project…

* 149 young people who have autism explored different art forms including animation, ceramics and music; tackling topics such as pollution, deforestation, recycling and what participants can do to help the environment
* 100% of participants said that they developed their communication skills
* 96% of participants reported improvement to their wellbeing
* 93% of participants said that their ideas were listened to and incorporated into the creative process
* 87% of participants improved their environmental awareness

We are thrilled to hear about the impact of this project! More details about the grant can be found here.