We are once again supporting local Gibraltar charity CYE-CYL with two of their charity initiatives.

Firstly the Summer Challenge, a three-week summer camp aiming to empower young people to invest their energy in a meaningful way that prevents anti-social behaviour, limiting self-beliefs and a lack of ambition. CYE-CYL aims to work with young people all across Gibraltar to immerse themselves in opportunities to develop their education outside of the classroom, entrepreneurship and what it means to become an active citizen to support those who are less fortunate in the community.

We will also be supporting them to deliver their “Innovation Hub” workshops to over 500 Year 12 students throughout the academic year. Now in its second year, the programme will focus on ‘Everything About Money’, ‘Interview Skills’, ‘Budgeting’, ‘CV Writing’, ‘Self-Development and Personal Growth’, ‘Celebrating Diversity’ to name but a few. The activities empower young people to generate skills outside of the classroom that can prepare them on ‘How to Adult’ and enjoying the process. The aim is to complement academic teaching in schools and empower young people to feel confident as they transition into adulthood, be it for further education abroad or accessing employment.