We have donated £10,000 to CYE-CYL to restart their ‘summer challenge’ for young people in Gibraltar after last years programme was cancelled due to Covid-19. Our funding will allow 10 young people the chance to participate in CYE-CYL’s summer challenge where they will receive person-centred mentoring to help them excel in areas they have identified for improvement. These include developing their vocational skillset, improving their mental and emotional well-being and exploring their unique contributions to society.

Romina Mayani-Nankani, Managing Director of CYE-CYL said “Our youth are one of our greatest assets within our community. It is important to prioritise their self-development and nurture them in ways that can enhance their strengths and qualities. We believe everyone has the ability to empower themselves. Our organisation focuses on helping provide some of those powerful tools and techniques to motivate their personal growth along the way

We look forward to hearing about the progress of the young people through out the summer and hope that the participants have a great time in this programme.