We have awarded a grant to the Discover Children’s Story Centre, an award-winning, interactive literature venue, dedicated to building a love of stories in children. Our funding will support two different strands of their work, an organisation-wide evaluation and a teachers’ forum and CPD project.

The evaluation will audit their existing work and create a ‘theory of change’. Data will be collected from around 10,000 visitors and more in-depth feedback will come from 100 teachers, parents, and facilitators. The results of the evaluation will be published in Autumn 2023 to coincide with their 20th anniversary celebrations.

The rest of the funding will support a yearlong teacher training programme lead by storytelling professionals including authors, poets and visual illustrators. These hand on sessions will use imagination and spoken word to inspire and build the confidence of teachers to use storytelling as a creative learning tool.

We are glad to be collaborating with the Discovery Children’s Story Centre and wish them all the best with these two projects.


IMAGE: © אילנה שקולניק Ilana Shkonik – This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license.