We are happy to announce that we are awarding a grant of £97,000 towards The Education Endowment Foundation’s (EEF) funding round for their work on cognitive science. The application of cognitive science to teaching tries to use an understanding of how children learn to inform teaching approaches and therefore improve the quality of teaching. There is considerable interest in cognitive science from teachers and researchers, but relatively sparce evidence in terms of real world classroom application.

Our grant will support the early stage development of up to five innovative cognitive science projects in partnership with schools, other charities and research organisations. Successful programmes will be selected through a rigorous assessment process before being tested in selected participating schools over two-years with the aim of further testing and/or scaling up in the future to involve much larger numbers of schools, teachers, and pupils.

The field of cognitive science is a promising new area and we are looking forward to hearing the results from the EEF’s exciting early-stage programme development work. More info on EEF’s Early-stage Development work can be found here. (Please note this is an external site that will open in a new window, Kusuma Trust UK has no responsibility for the content of this site)