We have given a grant of £18,602 to Founders4Schools, to fund their Covid-19 response programme. This grant will enable the online transformation of the Founders4Schools programme, moving their employer-student encounters onto a webinar platform.

Thinking about the future is daunting for many young people, and is made even more challenging by the current advice to study from home. Learning from home limits even further the opportunities young people have to meet specialists from various professions and gain an insight into what careers they might find fulfilling.

Founders4Schools’ webinars will be led by a business leader who can offer an inside view on a specific career, answering students’ questions and helping to crystallise what skills they will need to succeed. The webinars will also be recorded to create a digital library, expanding students’ professional horizons now and in the future. Over 3,500 young people are expected to benefit.

Through this grant, we hope to support a useful and inspiring resource for young people, helping them to turn this time indoors into productive thinking time about the world of work.