The Kusuma Trust University Interview Workshops took place in Gibraltar from 20 – 23 November. The event provided an opportunity for local students to experience challenging interview questions to help them prepare effectively for the real thing. The practice interviews are designed to ensure that students have the opportunity to share and apply their knowledge of their subject, giving them the confidence to do the same when faced by the university interviewers. It also helps them to understand where they have gaps in their knowledge and what they need to revise.

More than 50 students participated who hope to go on to study a wide range of subjects, ranging from medicine to law, computer science and land economy, at top UK universities. The week also included a session for Year 12 students who intend to apply to the most competitive courses, including medicine, dentistry, HSPS and computer science. The workshop looked at what they should all be doing now to prepare for admissions tests, how they can gather the academic evidence they will need for their Personal Statements, and what else they can be doing in preparation for their university applications next autumn.

Jane Marshall from Optimising Futures facilitated the sessions and said afterwards; “I have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing the motivated and enthusiastic students at Westside and Bayside all week. My sincere thanks to the Kusuma Trust Gibraltar for funding such a worthwhile event which enables the students to realise that university applications and interviews are both achievable and not as daunting as they first thought.