Twelve years ago, we helped the Gibraltar Red Cross to buy a van to help transport people to and from hospital appointments and deliver essential equipment. We are now providing a new donation of £30,155 to enable the charity to purchase a new, specially modified van.

The new van, a Toyota Proace, will be adapted to add a ramp to allow for easier loading and removal of wheelchairs and heavy equipment. It will be used to provide transport for elderly and infirm patients to and from hospital appointments as well as provide a ‘home delivery’ service for any mobility, bed and bath equipment that they may need.

Having a new vehicle which we can drive with pride will make the world of difference to both our volunteers at the office and the patients being transferred or receiving delivery/removal of their equipment. While the van facilitates our work, it also provides a great focal point locally so people can easily recognize us and often approach us for help whilst we are out in the community. Our heartfelt thanks to Kusuma Trust and their generosity in making this purchase possible.”  – Lois Soiza, Welfare Officer, Gibraltar Red Cross