In April, we gave £5,000 to Giving World, a charity that redistributes surplus food and essentials to those in need across the UK. Our grant supported the huge scale-up of their work as a result of Covid-19, responding to a 400% surge in demand for their services.

In the first seven months of 2020, Giving World provided life essentials, including food, toiletries, baby products, bedding and clothing to 346,864 people, approximately the same number of people reached in the whole of 2019. The recipients encompassed a wide range of people, including those who were shielding, the elderly, low income families, hospital patients and homeless people.

Giving World has recently leveraged Kusuma Trust’s funding to secure a new grant from the Lottery Fund. This grant will support those who find themselves in hardship when furlough ends in October, equipping them with supplies to deal with financial pressures in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year.

To learn more about Giving World’s work over the last few months, click here. (Video opens in a new window)