We have granted just over £23,000 to Global Generation to support 155 students and local young people through crafting and gardening activities—including growing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for the local food-bank. The grant will also help Global Generation to install a wheelchair-accessible pathway through their two acre garden, and a new poly-tunnel nursery too.

Global Generation runs a educational community garden—the Story Garden—tucked between the British Library and the Francis Crick Institute in Somers Town, near King’s Cross, where 50.7% of young people face material poverty. In contrast to the disruption, congestion and pollution which have come alongside the development of King’s Cross area and the HS2 rail line, the Story Garden is an oasis of calm and fun with shared community growing beds; gardens in skips; a yurt; as well as nature-oriented and creative programmes to connect people with nature in the middle of the city.

As the days are starting to grow longer and green things are waking up, we are excited to see how Global Generation brings the Story Garden to life for the young people of Somer’s Town.