Twelve young people between the ages of 16 and 30 have embarked on a “Lifeskills Project” with the Gibraltar Youth Service. The aim of the project is to aim is to develop each individual’s social and financial skills, as well as their own self-esteem, through researching, planning and fundraising for an educational youth trip.

Our grant of £5,000 is supporting the initiative which will see the group travel to Brighton, UK in August, where they will visit historical, educational and cultural landmarks, as well as link up with a local youth centre.

Sarah Wadsworth, Youth & Community Worker, Gibraltar Youth Service said: “The group are gaining valuable, transferable skills whilst working as a team on joint ventures; requiring them to make group decisions and manage conflict through negotiation and compromise. Fundraising has also provided opportunity for group members to develop their confidence in all things related to customer service e.g. providing a service, managing money and managing expectations; both theirs and others. That said, the culmination of this project would not be possible without the generous grant from Kusuma Trust. The group are extremely grateful and excited to be given the opportunity to visit Brighton; a city that offers a lot of art and culture that they find comfort and inspiration from. Some of the group have never travelled on a plane or visited the UK before so this will be a very memorable trip for them. A massive thank you on behalf of the group”.