In August 2020, we granted over £7,500 to the Hammersmith Community Gardens Association through the London Community Response Fund. These funds are enabling the Association to maintain their operations across four well-loved gardens in Hammersmith and Fulham, and to open their gates to new volunteers.

The Association manages two community gardens – Godolphin and Loris – in Shepherds Bush, a glasshouse in Ravenscourt Park and the Phoenix Farm in White City. Before the pandemic, these locations hosted play schemes, community events and were maintained by a team of dedicated, local volunteers. While lockdown has come with inevitable changes, the Association is determined to remain a resource to its volunteers and users. With our funds, the volunteers will be able to continue to maintain the gardens; the Association will run ten gardening workshops with the community; and the Association management will build a strategy for weathering the next stage of the pandemic.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the Hammersmith Community Gardens Association grows during this challenging time.