We are supporting children with dyslexia, their families and their teachers, through a grant to the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity. The charity works with dyslexic people of all ages to build literacy skills and confidence, as well as working with teachers and others to ensure dyslexic people have the support they need to reach their potential. The Families and Schools Together (FAST) project works in schools, offering one-to-one classes for the children who need it the most, professional development training for teachers and teaching assistants, and dyslexia awareness sessions open to all parents with children at the school.

Our grant of £22,722 will fund the FAST project in six London schools, supporting 30 children with intensive teaching and 90 families with information to improve their understanding of dyslexia. Ninety teaching staff will also benefit, learning how to identify and support children with dyslexia, skills which can be used not only with their current cohort of students, but throughout their careers.