We are excited to announce that we have awarded a grant to Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals. The hospital is the largest specialist heart and lung medical centre in the United Kingdom, and their work saves countless lives in not only the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea but also from around the country.

One of the crucial aspects of caring for patients is the recording and monitoring of vital signs on a regular basis. Currently the hospital’s nurses record observations manually, which has the potential to have higher error rates and create delays to treatment. Our grant of £100,000 will support the implementation of an electronic clinical observation system, in order to improve patient care and safety. This new system will use hand-held touch-screen devices to quickly and reliably record observations and monitor patients’ conditions. Studies from hospitals already using electronic observations have shown that the accuracy of observations recording improved from 81% to 100%, length of inpatient stays decreased and mortalities fell from 9.4% to 7.2%.

We are looking forward to hearing about the impact of the electronic observations system on patients at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital!