We have awarded a grant of over £23,000 to the Hubbub Foundation UK to help them to turn the Lancaster West Estate green through their ‘Give it a Grow’ programme. In partnership with residents, Hubbub will build a new food-growing garden in Lancaster West; train 20 volunteer gardeners; and share indoor grow-kits and advice to help residents across the estate to bring a piece of the garden indoors.

The garden will supply a new Community Fridge on the estate, part of a network of 100 Community Fridge spaces coordinated by Hubbub which help neighbours to access nutritious, fresh food, save money and reduce waste. The Community Fridge network is just one of many practical actions run by Hubbub across fields from fashion, to food, the home and public spaces to create practical, positive environmental change.

We’re excited to see what Hubbub and the gardeners plant this spring.