We have partnered with ICAN to help young people in London who struggle with speech and communication to access the support they need. Over the next year, our grant of £22,244 will go towards at least nine speech and language assessments for children from Greater London. Our grant will form part of this year’s Assessment Hardship Fund, a means-tested reserve which ensures children can access these assessments regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

During each assessment, a team of communication experts and teachers will assess a child’s needs, looking at various areas of childhood development such as social interaction, cognitive skills, learning abilities, sensory skills, and play.

The team will create a bespoke report for each child with recommendations for school provision, specialist support and strategies for overcoming challenges.  Having a clear understanding of their needs and what options are available will help the young people to progress, improving their academic attainment and, in the long term, helping to change the course of their whole lives.