On December 14 2020, we granted £18,500 to Jamie’s Farm to help 160 young people experience life on a city-farm in Waterloo. 

Jamie’s Farm in Waterloo is one of five working farms across the UK where the charity supports young people at risk of exclusion from school to improve their self-esteem, wellbeing, mental health and their behavior. On the farm, the young farmers grow food, cook and care for farm animals. Combining a therapeutic approach with a sense of family, Jamie’s Farm works to address the root causes of exclusion by encouraging vulnerable children to engage with their surroundings and with each other in a new way, equipping them to thrive during their secondary school years.  

In a year when young people have seen so much volatility, we are proud to support Jamie’s Farm in Waterloo to work with them, week by week, to help an urban garden grow.