In August 2021, we gave a grant to the London Transport Museum (LTM) towards their “Inspire Engineering Careers” project. As the project starts to draw to a close, we want to acknowledge the LTMs’ impressive results.

LTM have developed seven workshops together with 30 year 10 students that explore themes such as “Engineering Confidence Building”, “Creative Thinking with the Innovation Team at TfL” and a “Metacognition” workshop. Alongside this they have jointly created online resources and a bespoke knowledge sharing event called “The Green Skills Hackathon” where students have the opportunity to participate in sessions linking STEM and the environment, meet employers in the STEM industry, and engage in lively discussions about the future of green jobs.

As a result of their project…
* Students’ interest in transport and engineering careers increased from 12% to 40%
* Participants had more nuanced understanding of communication and collaboration skills, including: ‘listening’, ‘kindness’, ‘respect’, ‘honesty’, ‘patience’ and ‘flexibility’
* Students increased their personal effectiveness skills of ‘Active listening’, ‘Goal setting’, ‘Being proactive’ and ‘Communication skills’
* 60% students stated that their next steps had changed as a result of this project

You can read more about this partnership with LTM here.