The Mind Body Soul (MBS) Wellbeing After School Programme provides school children in Gibraltar with effective tools to achieve a positive and empowering mindset where they can learn self-care and boost their self-esteem and confidence. A special focus is given to helping them build resilience and learn ways to process and manage challenging emotions.

Our grant of £25,000 will enable the charity to provide weekly after school sessions in local schools, where children are taught a wide variety of useful life skills and behavioural qualities through a range of physical and creative activities. The group also arrange charitable fundraising initiatives, anti-bullying programmes and a qualified counsellor to support the most vulnerable children

“This grant will help empower and educate children in respect to their wellbeing as well as supporting some of the most vulnerable groups of children in Gibraltar. We believe passionately that it is every child’s right to be educated and nurtured in respect to their wellbeing regardless of their financial status. Thank you to Kusuma Trust for your generosity in helping us make this difference, we are excited to be on this journey with you” – Kiran Aujla, MBS Wellbeing