In 2019 we supported the development and launch of a new education resource from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission’s (GFSC). The MoneyWise App introduces essential financial skills to children between the ages of 5 and 12 through an interactive game.

Users play as the app’s mascot, Penny the Pig, taking the character across six different sectors of Gibraltar; Ocean Village, Moorish Castle, Apes Den, Europe Point, St. Michael’s Cash Cave and the Rock of Gibraltar. The app which is available to download for free in Gibraltar on both iOS and Android devices, has been backed by the Department of Education.

To celebrate the launch of the Moneywise game which launched on 2 November 2020, the GFSC are asking children aged 5 – 12 and their grownups to screenshot their highest score in their respective level and post it on the Moneywise Facebook or Twitter pages for a chance to win some amazing prizes. The competition closes on Friday 27 November and winners will be selected via a draw and announced on Monday 30th November on their Facebook & Twitter pages.

Dr Soma Pujari, co-founder and Executive Trustee of Kusuma Trust Gibraltar, said: “Understanding and being able to manage personal finance are critical life skills, so it makes sense to introduce these concepts at a young age. We believe that being comfortable with financial literacy is important for a successful life and therefore we are delighted to support the introduction of Moneywise app.”