A recent You-gov poll showed that 68% of senior decision makers in business worry about getting support for autistic employees wrong, while 64% said they did not know where to go for support and advice. To address this issue we have partnered with the National Autistic Society (NAS) to fund the creation of an online resource, the Autism-friendly Guide, to change the way businesses understand and support autistic people.

The guide will feature information on what autism is, what daily barriers autistic people encounter, simple adjustments that can be made to support autistic people in customer service environments, how to make information more accessible, and guidance about the NAS and what additional support is available. It is anticipated that the guide will be viewed over 40,000 times by May 2023 and that it will act as a stepping stone for businesses who wish to become fully accredited through the NAS’s Autism-Friendly Award.

We look forward to hearing about the impact of the guide and the difference this can make for autistic employees and their employers.