We are proud to support the professional development of Gibraltar healthcare workers and have committed £24,000 to enable eight registered nurses at St Bernard’s Hospital to undertake a 12-month Advanced Diploma in Adult Critical Care Nursing, which will be delivered by the University of Northumbria in Gibraltar.

The World Health Organisation has designated 2021 “The International Year of the Health and Care Worker,” in recognition of their dedication to providing care during and despite the Covid19 pandemic that has challenged health care systems worldwide.

Sandie Gracia, Director of Nursing explained; “after the Covid Pandemic, it was noted that there is a need for upskilling nurses, to enhance the services and knowledge of these individuals who were called up to take on new roles such as Advanced Intensive Care Nursing. In the past students would undertake similar training in the UK which meant that only two to four could be realised at any given time. Undertaking the course in Gibraltar with lecturers visiting from the University of Northumbria, allows us to increase the number of students who can undertake the training to eight. This critical care course will be of great benefit to the community and provide a higher level of care within the GHA thus an investment for future of healthcare delivery in Gibraltar.”