We are delighted to partner with The Orchard Project to deliver their Growing Fruit and Skills programme. This nearly £25,000 grant will support the development of two community forest gardens with orchards, which will include fruiting trees, greenery and special features to encourage biodiversity. The orchards will be developed in partnership with local community organisations and maintained by teams of volunteers with support from The Orchard Project. 

Alongside the orchard, The Orchard Project will deliver a Certificate in Community Orcharding training course for people passionate about urban gardening. Some spots will be offered free of charge as part of the grant. The course is targeted at passionate individuals who want to use orchards to grow local food, boost biodiversity and build more cohesive communities, as well as gain an accredited qualification, employment or further training in the horticultural sector.

We are excited to see these orchards develop and training commence for passionate urban farmers.