We have awarded a donation of over £60,000 to the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) to acquire ‘Paul,’ the world’s first high-emotion, pre-term baby simulator. Paul is the smallest and most advanced, high-end patient simulator in the world. He will be used by the paediatrics and maternity departments at St Bernard’s Hospital to deliver high-end, realistic training for emergency and neonatal care for premature babies.

1 in 10 infants are born premature, and the provision of high-quality care for a pre-term baby is a uniquely complex and time-sensitive process, which is extremely challenging for inter-professional neonatal healthcare teams. Simulation is fast becoming the modern way to educate and train healthcare professionals because it allows for the safe practice of behavioural, cognitive and technical skills.

The Minister for Health and Care, the Hon. Paul Balban said: “It is a real privilege to have Baby Paul in Gibraltar. This was possible due to the kind and unwavering generosity of Kusuma Trust for which our community is very grateful. I have no doubt that this highly coveted and sophisticated training tool will greatly enhance the skillsets of those involved in neonatal care. I would also like to thank our Paediatric team for their dedication and enthusiasm.”