In 2020 we gave a £29,000 grant to the Royal Association of Deaf People (RAD) for their project ‘Deaf Youth Advance’.

The project provided a holistic careers and wellbeing support service in London to empower deaf young people to seek and attain their career aspirations, improve wellbeing and remove barriers to achieve equality of opportunity. We are delighted with the feedback from Deaf Youth Advance, as a result of this project.

* RAD worked with 155 11-16 year olds
* They ran a total of 31 events, including “Money Mechanics”, careers and wellbeing workshops, 1-1 youth advice surgeries and social events
* After the workshops: 82% of attendees felt confident in making career plans and achieving those plans
* 78% increased their financial and/or career knowledge
* 80% learnt about their mental health
* 82% were confident about dealing with stress
* 82% were confident in meeting new people

We are so pleased that the RAD has been able to create such a positive impact. More details about the grant can be found here.