Roots & Shoots are a London based charity working with young people who have had difficulty coping in the traditional education system. We have awarded them a grant of just over £22,500 to support a few areas of their work including: The Jubilee Beds and The Pollinator Project.

The Jubilee Beds programme will develop eight raised planting beds to enable students to grow healthy vegetables that they can then cook and eat in their cookery classes as part of a wider educational enrichment programme.

The Pollinator project is a new initiative aiming to enhance pollen/nectar sources by planting suitable flowers in their gardens as well as local schools, old peoples’ homes and other community-based initiatives. Our funding will be used to purchase a new delivery trike that can be used by their students to deliver plants in the local area as well as supporting bee education sessions.

We are pleased to be collaborating with Roots & Shoots as they prepare for their 40th anniversary next year and look forward to hearing about their progress.