We are supporting the outstanding efforts of The Royal Brompton Hospital (RBH) with a grant of £100,000 to the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity. The funding will provide specialist equipment to the Intensive Care Unit, including an ECMO machine. ECMO machines can do the work of a seriously ill patient’s heart and lungs until they are able to breathe for themselves.  RBH is one of only five centres in the UK that can give ECMO treatment, and its vital work will offer the best chance of recovery to even the most vulnerable patients.

RBH is the largest specialist centre for the treatment of heart and lung disease in the UK, and as such is a vital resource at this difficult time. RBH has been working around the clock to ensure they are as prepared as possible for tCOVID-19, while building resilience for outbreaks of infectious disease and respiratory illnesses in the long term. While the crisis has brought huge difficulties for many in the UK and elsewhere, it has also been a chance to appreciate the hard work and dedication of hospital staff across the country, and to ensure they have the best resources possible for the current situation and for the future.

As we clap for the NHS, it is important also to remind them that we are standing by their side, supporting them as we can during these challenging times. We hope that our grant will help the Royal Brompton Hospital staff continue doing an exemplary job of caring for the nation!