We have given £10,000 to the Reading Agency to support their Summer Reading Challenge. The Challenge, which starts today, aims to inspire young people to read over the summer holidays, by helping them to find new books that they will love, share reviews with other children, play reading-based games and earn fun rewards. The Challenge keeps kids between the ages of 4 and 11 engaged in reading and helps to prevent the ‘summer slide’, when academic progress gained throughout the school year is lost over the long holidays.

Usually run through public libraries, lockdown this summer has meant the Challenge will need a whole new way of reaching young people across the country. Our grant supports the creation of a digital platform, full of activities and quizzes, to incentivise and encourage children to read for pleasure. This summer more than ever, children need books to transport them to new worlds. The Summer Reading Challenge will help children across London and the UK to go on exciting adventures without having to leave the house.