We are the main supporter for the inaugural Gibraltar Sustainability Awards, which will take place later this year. The UN has challenged communities to solve the world’s toughest sustainability challenges by 2030.  These Awards will acknowledge individuals, groups and organisations in Gibraltar who are working to address challenges and promote sustainability in our community.

Professor Daniella Tilbury, Gibraltar’s first Commissioner for Sustainable Development explained the importance of this new partnership: ‘We are grateful to Kusuma Trust for partnering with us in our inaugural year. The Trust has a long standing commitment to sustainable development.  It was important to us that our main sponsor shared our values as well as had a track record of acting socially responsibly. We are looking forward to working with the Trust to recognise those who are making a positive difference in our community and region.

A full list of categories for the 2020 Awards can be found here. Submissions opened on 8 July and close on 18 August. Shortlisted candidates will be announced on the 8 September with the Awards night scheduled for the 8 October. The event night is being organised in collaboration with the Gibraltar Cultural Services. The Awards are not limited to environmental concerns and recognise sustainability work undertaken with a focus on: health and wellbeing; alleviating poverty and hunger; addressing gender and social inequalities; circular economy, sustainable consumption; just and inclusive institutions as well as education, learning and partnerships as well as biodiversity, climate, environment and nature protection. Further details of the Awards can be found here.