We have made a grant of £13,469 to Team Up for Social Mobility to deliver tutoring to young Londoners. Team Up works with young people who are not reaching their potential in school, pairing them with a tutor who can help them to build their knowledge and confidence in English or Maths.

Covid-19 has meant that tutoring sessions, which previously took place in person, must now move online.  This in turn has increased the need for tutors, as group tutoring is much more challenging in online sessions, where more one-to-one attention is required.

Our grant will go towards a tutor recruitment drive for a London-wide tutoring programme reaching 400 young people, which will begin once schools open in September.  The grant will also contribute to a summer tutoring programme for 22 young people from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, to help combat the learning loss incurred from months away from school during Covid-19, compounded by the summer holidays.