On Thursday 25 May 2023, the newly redeveloped Photography Centre, including the Kusuma Gallery, was opened at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Last year we were delighted to award a grant of £2million to the V&A Museum for The Kusuma Gallery – which is dedicated to photographic books, including the Royal Photographic Society’s book collection – and to support the wider redevelopment of their Photography Centre.

Our Executive Trustee, Soma Pujari, who attended a preview event on behalf of Kusuma said “The Kusuma Gallery is a magnificent space to host the very special collection of books, periodicals and pamphlets on photography from various parts of the world in many languages, and priceless old books that are unique to this collection.” Marta Weiss, the Senior Curator of Photography at the V&A, expressed the immense value of the collection for researchers exploring the history of photography.

Now that it is open, it is hoped that the Photography Centre will be an international destination for the exhibition, collection, conservation and research of photography. We look forward to many more trips to the Kusuma Gallery and seeing the public enjoy this beautiful space.