Earlier this month, we partnered with the Young Westminster Foundation (YWF) to help support their needs analysis investigating the needs of young people living in Westminster. On 16th March 2021 YWF launched a report entitled ‘Our City, Our Future’, sharing insight into the experiences of young people growing up in Westminster over the past year.

The data from the research showed that young people are concerned about employment, mental health and wellbeing and access to information on local services. The report also found that Covid-19 has increased social and economic inequalities in Westminster in terms of poverty, access to food, poor living conditions, isolation, physical and mental health and access to education.

Despite 2020 being a difficult year for everyone, the report highlights an optimism and enthusiasm to fight for a better future. Young people who were interviewed as part of the research commented: “I hope that more people will be willing to help each other out and show compassion to each other” and ‘I’d like to see our community coming together by finding new ways of collaborating and working together”.

The full report can be downloaded from the YWF site here.