Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Outdoor education at Gibraltar’s Botanic Gardens

In Gibraltar, many families live in high rise homes with little outside space. They don’t have the opportunity to grow plants and flowers or experience wildlife up close. It’s one of the reasons Gibraltar’s Botanic Gardens, The Alameda, is so important to local people, as well as a popular attraction for visitors.

“The Alameda Gardens is fascinating, with its magnificent trees, varied collection of local and African plants and a little zoo,” says Soma, Kusuma Trust’s Executive Trustee. “When I’m in Gibraltar, it is my go-to place for moments of calm or taking pictures. There is something for everyone there. I am very inspired to see the dedication of Gibraltar Botanic Gardens to continue to maintain and keep improving the garden and the very interesting programmes they offer to children and adults. We’re delighted to partner with them.

“At Kusuma Trust, we recognise the importance of green spaces for our wellbeing and we encourage children to love and understand nature and its importance. That’s why we wanted to help make sure more local people can experience this.”

  • Gibraltar’s Botanic Gardens hosted around 2,100 children during 2018- 2019.
  • Our grant of £180,000 will fund a new education zone complete with a pond, wormery, bee hotel and growing areas.
  • Twice more visitors of all ages will be able to access the programs offered by Gibraltar botanic gardens programme

Photo: A visit to the proposed site of the Biodome by staff and Kusuma’s Executive Trustee, Dr Soma Pujari

In September 2020, we gave a grant of £180,000 to develop a purpose-built education area within The Alameda. This will include:

  • A high-tech ‘biodome’ and hydroponic growing system
  • Teaching facilities including a raised pond, wormery, bee hotel, growing areas, sensory garden, children’s reference library and a media hub
  • Storage for gardening equipment, washing facilities and a bathroom with disabled access.


Groups of children and adults will benefit from hands-on gardening experience and opportunities to engage with flora and fauna. Child-friendly resources will be stored in the media hub, such as iPads and books. These will help with more in-depth scientific study of the gardens to deepen their understanding of the world around them.

The biodome project is expected to host up to 5,000 4 to 18 year olds visit with their schools each year. More children will be able to attend a weekly gardening club. There’ll be opportunities for disabled people of all ages and their carers to take part in gardening activities

The new education zone will also bring opportunities for young people and adults to volunteer at the gardens and expand their knowledge, skills and understanding of environmental issues.

“Thousands of children have benefited from Gibraltar Botanic Gardens education programme, which seeks to educate children on all aspects of the environment, using plants and horticulture as a vehicle. The programme has grown to such a scale that the gardens now need a new, large and purpose-built education area that caters to the needs of children of all abilities. Due to the generosity of the Kusuma Trust and other donors, the Alameda-Kusuma Education Area will soon become a reality.”
Dr Keith Bensusan, Director, Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

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