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Tackling air pollution

Around 99% of primary school children in the UK experience air pollution on their way to and from school and whilethey are there. That’s more than 750,000 children in London alone. National charity Asthma + Lung UK wanted to help children understand air pollution, its effect on the environment and people’s health with a new programme called Little Lungs.

We’re pleased to award Asthma + Lung UK £100,000 to pilot the project with 150 London schools. Pupils will monitor air quality around their school, learn about the impacts of air pollution, and change what they do as a result.

  • Asthma + Lung UK has over 100 years of experience in lung research, campaigning and supporting people to manage their condition.
  • The Little Lungs programme has the potential to impact up to 30,000 primary school children, plus their parents and siblings who will develop an increased awareness of air pollution.
  • The Little Lungs programme is designed to support the Government’s objective that 55% of primary school children should walk to school by 2025. 

Empowering school communities

Schools involved in Little Lungs will receive clean air monitoring equipment and their readings will be added to theBreathe London data hub which maps air quality. Teachers will receive feedback on their local pollution levels andways they can reduce children’s exposure at their individual schools – for example, restricting motorised traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times.

Little Lungs will also deliver a health education programme to schools on clean air, focusing on what children can do. Asthma + Lung UK will give schools tailored support including children’s health advice and access to a forum for parentsand carers. At the end of the pilot in February 2024, Asthma+ Lung UK hopes to roll out the Little Lungs programme throughout the UK.

“We are committed to the wellbeing of our communities and support opportunities that give people access to knowledge and means to improve their health. By supporting Little Lungs, we hope that children will be encouraged to be scientific thinkers for life and be empowered to make informed choices that are beneficial for their health.”

Soma Pujari, Co-Founder and Executive Trustee, Kusuma Trust

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