Gibraltar Health Authority: pre-term baby simulator

The high-tech simulator helping save premature babies’ lives

One in 10 babies are born premature and need specialist care. So it’s vital that health professionals know exactly how to provide it. But it can be difficult for trainees or newly-qualified professionals to gain real-life experience.

That’s where ‘Baby Paul’ can help. Measuring only 35cm long and weighing less than a kilogramme, Paul is the most accurate recreation of a preterm baby born in the 27th week of pregnancy. Simulation is fast becoming the modern way to train healthcare professionals because it allows for the safe practice of behavioural, cognitive and technical skills. And Paul is the smallest high-end patient simulator around.

Our grant of £60,100 meant Gibraltar Health Authority could buy a Paul to be used by the paediatrics and maternity departments at St Bernard’s Hospital. He’s used to deliver training for emergency and neonatal care for premature babies.

Baby Paul will also be involved in cross border collaborations, with training sessions being offered to hospitals in Malaga.

  • 1 in 10 babies are born premature.
  • Our grant of £60,100 meant Gibraltar Health Authority could buy a pre-term baby simulator to be used by 10 consultants and around 15 nurses and 15 midwives.
  • They expect to manage at least 10 premature babies per year, two or three of who would be critically ill.

Expert training evokes genuine emotions

Paul was designed by a team of leading experts in neonatology, education, simulation, engineering, software development, and movie special effects. As a result, Paul has the potential to evoke genuine emotions in those that train with him, which means that a very realistic scenario arises and the training yields more successful results.

“Seeing a premature baby in distress is nerve-wracking without sufficient experience and training,” says Soma, Kusuma Trust’s Executive Trustee. “Baby Paul is being used to deliver regular training, so when such young residents of Gibraltar arrive in this world they can be given the best possible chance at life, by well-trained, confident healthcare professionals. We are delighted to partner with Gibraltar Health Authority to make this happen.”

“It is a real privilege to have Baby Paul in Gibraltar. This was possible due to the kind and unwavering generosity of Kusuma Trust for which our community is very grateful. I have no doubt that this highly coveted and sophisticated training tool will greatly enhance the skillsets of those involved in neonatal care. I would also like to thank our Paediatric team for their dedication and enthusiasm.”

Gibraltar’s Minister for Health and Care, the Hon. Paul Balban

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