Bright Futures, Aiming Higher Project

Raising young women’s aspirations

For over a decade, there have been more young women than men who are not in education, training or employment. When young women find themselves out of education, with no job, they stay that way for longer than men. The effects are deeper too. Studies have shown that time spent not in education or employment can have a detrimental effect on physical and mental health, and increase the likelihood of unemployment, low wages, or low quality of work later in life.

Bright Futures works with young women aged 11 to 25 across South Tyneside. In 2016, we gave a grant of £9,899 to their Aiming Higher Project, which offers tailored support in two main ways:

  • They work with local secondary schools to reach people who aren’t doing well and are in danger of dropping out.
  • They engage with young women not in education or employment who are currently accessing Bright Futures’ day to day projects and local job centres.
  • Of the 42 young women who took part in the 2016 Aiming Higher Project, 100% gained accreditations aimed at increasing their life skills and opportunities, confidence and self-esteem
  • All participants reported they’ve increased their skills to pursue further education, training and employment – because of the support and advice they received.
  • 36 of the young women have gone into further education, training or employment.

Tailored support to find work or training

The Aiming Higher Project offers individual tailored support, starting with finding out the young person’s interests, goals and sources of support. They use this information to create an Individual Learning Plan, which includes skills training and improving literacy and numeracy.

The programme offers young women application writing advice and practice interviews to help them apply for education, training courses and jobs. Support also includes mentoring, advocacy and help with things like finances, health and wellbeing.

“The Aiming Higher Project has achieved many successes for the individual young women who have been engaged. These have included the young women reporting an increase in their confidence and self-esteem to pursue education, training and employment to more measurable outcomes of young women enrolling on to college courses and gaining paid employment.”
Nicola Whalen, Managing Director, Bright Futures

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